We here at Claypool Cellars are very excited to announce our first foray into the Champagne business! We are working with a grower family in France and have imported a truly special batch of bubbles perfect for every occasion.

Only 200 cases were made of this Champagne from vineyards in Cormoyeaux in the heart of the Marne Valley. The husband and wife are 3rd generation growers who own 8.5 hectares of Southern facing estate which is one contiguous plot (very rare in Champagne). Grower champagnes are truly about the terroir and Jacky Bochet and his wife Valerie Lemoine have been running the winery for the last 20 years, after taking over from Valerie’s family. Jacky’s family has been growing grapes in Champagne for four generations and he is engaged in every part of the process, assembling the wines himself. Jacky works in Culture Raisonnée, with minimum use of chemicals — no herbicides or pesticides.

This Pachyderm Champagne is clean, dry, and fresh, with low dosage and bright acidity. It has a silky, complex texture, a gorgeous mouth-feel and is impeccably balanced. Hints of apples, young pear and citrus on the nose and a nice weight with a long finish.

We are very proud of this collaboration and we are confident you will love our inaugural offering of Champagne.

Cost: $55.00 (750 mL)

Cost: $145.00 Magnum (1.5 L)

Cost: $297.00 6-Pack (750 mL)